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Use our templates to meet local grid code requirements and integrate with industry-standard modelling tools (e.g. PSS®E, PSCAD™ and PowerFactory).

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Join the growing number of engineers interconnecting over 2.5 GW+ of generation using gridmo.

gridmo has helped us deliver two grid connection packages in parallel in a record time that we were not able to achieve before. With gridmo’s help we were able to achieve registration after 4 weeks from a full model and R1 package overhaul.

Nadia Yousif
Technical Director | NY Grid Connection

The interface is easy to use and more and more of our engineers are now using gridmo. Once you use it, you will never go back.

Vadhiraj Prasad
Power Systems Engineer | Node Energy Services

How it works

Use the low-code Web App to configure, review and share simulations. To get started, choose from one of our templates or create your own.
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Schedule and launch simulations from the Web App. Instructions are sent to your machine which runs the grid interconnection studies locally.
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Utilize our pre-built Nodes which can automatically plot, benchmark, calculate and analyze power system study results.
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Benchmark results from commissioning data, HIL data and industry-standard modelling tools – including PSS®E, PSCAD™ and PowerFactory.
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Run Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) and network-wide studies.
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gridmo runs on your local hardware and therefore doesn’t have access to any of your models or results. Simulations are configured in the Web App and sent to your machine to be run.
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Save time

Launch grid interconnection studies in a click. Use our templates which meet local grid code requirements and integrate with industry-standard modelling tools (e.g. PSS®E, PSCAD™ and PowerFactory).

Standardize your workflow

Don’t risk reinventing the wheel. Use an industry standard which is aligned to the latest versions of OEM models, local grid codes and industry-standard modelling tools.

Enable collaboration

Share gridmo files within engineering teams and between organizations. Protect your business from personnel changes by using stable and well documented software which has tutorials and support.

Templates and tutorials

Explore grid interconnection study templates and tutorials which meet local grid code requirements.

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