For smaller teams

Single Project License

For teams with a smaller number of projects.

  • Access to all features and updates
  • Fixed fee per project
  • 12-months access
For larger teams

Unlimited Project License

For teams with multiple projects and big ambitions.

  • Access to all features and updates
  • Unlimited projects
  • Monthly subscription


gridmo is a software platform which empowers engineers to complete grid connection studies faster and more reliably. Our users can be developers, OEMs, utilities or consultants.
Of course! Please contact us if you’d like a demo of the gridmo software platform.
Pricing can vary based on the use case and support requirements, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Yes. You need to provide and connect valid power systems software licenses (e.g. PSS®E, PSCAD™ and PowerFactory) which are required by gridmo’s Engine.
Yes. gridmo runs on your local hardware. Simulations are configured in the Web App and sent to your machine to be run.
A single project license gives your company access to the gridmo software platform for one or more specific projects. You can add more projects to your license until, eventually, it makes sense to move to an unlimited project license.
Projects are defined by details such as project name, size [MW] and location. Changes to project details (e.g. maximum/rated active power [MW], the manufacturer of generating equipment, adding /removing auxiliary equipment) throughout the normal design process are permitted – however are at gridmo’s discretion, which we won’t unreasonably withhold. For example, if a 100 MW solar farm project just changes its rated active power to 101 MW, that sounds fine. If a 100 MW solar farm changes location and is now a 400 MW wind farm, this sounds like a new project.
The subscription includes access to the Web App, Engine, template library, documentation, tutorials, version updates and more. We’re here to help you stay ahead of grid code changes and power systems software updates.